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Range of Akubra Hats

by Toby Clarke on September 12, 2019

We have people visit our store everyday and are always impressed with the wide range and availability of stocked items. Locals, national and international visitors all comment on our great range of Akubra hats. We stock 16 different styles, in a range of colours and sizes. What this means to you is that you are spoilt for choice. All of our staff have been trained to fit your selected hat perfectly to your head, and can guide you towards an option that will suit your specific needs. 

Choosing an Akubra is like finding a new friend. Once it takes shape and begins to mould to the specific contours of your head, it will feel as comfortable as that pair of jeans that have become like a second skin. Beautifully crafted, and hand finished with loving care by master craftsmen hatmakers in the Kempsie factory - your new Akubra will be with you on every adventure that takes you out into the harsh sun. 

International visitors love Akubra hats. They are uniquely Australian, and a real head turner whenever they wear them in their country of origin. There is nothing quite like an Akubra. And all Akubra owners agree, once you have your own. You’ll never look back.